I’m Ellyn Zografi, a Systems Therapist based in Madison, WI, and the person behind Six Willows Counseling. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology from University of Minnesota and a Master of Science degree in Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy (LMFT) from Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin.


The MFT program prepared me to provide a wide range of individual and systems therapy.  In addition to running my private practice at Six Willows Counseling Services, I am the Director of  Therapeutic Services at Collaborations where we specialize working with adults with developmental delays and their caregivers.


As a therapist, my fundamental philosophy is that every individual, couple, family and lifestyle choice is valid, and that there are many ways to live happy, fulfilling lives.  Rather than tell you how to live or what to do, I would like to work with you, as a collaborator, to help you take the steps necessary for healing and enacting the changes you desire.


I work with a variety of people experiencing many situations.  I enjoy working with individuals as well as “systems.”  In the therapy world, systems refers to everyone around and involved with the individual.  This could be a family, a couple, a group home, a support team, and/or a workplace, to name a few examples.


Regardless of whether you come from a system that is biologically related, joined by adoption or other circumstances, impacted by having a member with special needs, blended via divorce and re-marriage, single or co-parented by same or different sexes, you will be treated with respect.  It is my conviction that you know what is best for you and your system.


I give priority to creating a safe, warm and accepting environment to facilitate your empowerment, offer you support, and give you assistance in reaching your goals for better communication, problem solving and solution building.